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Beach-side luxury on Bruny Island


Bruny Island Services

Bruny Island is where you go to escape and unwind, so you won't find large shopping centres or fast food restaurants.

Most locals do their shopping at Kingston on the way to Bruny Island from Hobart. Kingston has both major supermarkets as well as a bottle shop so you can stock up before you reach the ferry.

If you need to top up your groceries during your stay, you can visit Adventure Bay General Store which also doubles as the local petrol station. Other local stores include the Robert's Point Kiosk, the Alonnah General Store, or the Oyster Cove Store.

Need a script filled? The Bruny Island Pharmacy is located in Alonnah next to the Bruny Island Community Health Centre and just near the Bruny Island Police Station.

If your car breaks down on the island, then Bruny Island Towing & Mechanical will take good care of you.

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